About Us

Fox Education and Consultancy is a local private Registered Training Organisation that is here to provide quality, flexible and contemporary education and training in the areas of Enrolled nursing, aged care, health services assistance, pathology assistants and health assessment and exercise planning by qualified Registered Nurses and Exercise Scientists.

Fox Education and Consultancy's core business is to develop and deliver face-to-face training and education to the urban, regional and remote areas of the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Our staff are experts in urban and remote delivery of programs with many years of experiences in creative design in providing programs that suit the service and/or individuals need.

Being small and flexible, at Fox Education and Consultancy, we are responsive to organisational needs and work with clients and industry to deliver training programs reflective of current industry standards and relevant to the area of operation.

Our courses aim to teach self sufficiency and resourcefulness, include specialist skills and knowledge, developing skills in assessment, have a strong emphasis on cultural safety and be taught by people who know the rural context of practice.

Contact us to educate you, develop programs to suit your workplace needs or just to discuss a career pathway in the care or health industry.